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Playing with sexual energy

Playing with sexual energy

Full body orgasms are possible. For man I know for sure. I’ve been playing a bit with sexual energy lately and it is ‘good stuff’. I had my first full body orgasm on a day I spent a lot of time in meditation, doing a bit of yoga and training with bringing up the sexual energy to my head. My second was on ‘a regular day’. Nice as well, but not as heavy. The first time my whole body was shaking for almost half an hour. Second time it took about five minutes. So the longer you ‘prepare’ and built up, the longer and heavier your orgasm.

Bringing up this energy is a combination of using the muscles of your perineum, which I explained in a previous blog, and using your imagination. Try to practice it on your own first. If you master the technique you can start practicing with a partner. If you do this technique straight away with your partner there is a big chance you get to distracted and the chance is bigger you will have an ejaculation and not a full body orgasm. Try to have one, without ejaculation. It’s better for your body and you can built up to a real strong orgasm.

How to bring up sexual energy

  • To start you want to have some sexual  tension in your body. You can create the tension by either touching yourself of by fantasizing. Make sure it’s just a little tension. Don’t get too aroused; you make it only harder on yourself. When you feel some tension in your body inhale deeply and tighten the muscles around your testicles, your perineum muscles and the muscles around your anus. Imagine that by squeezing these muscles you push the sexual energy from your testicles to your perineum and up to your tailbone.
  • Keep your focus on your tailbone, but exhale and relax the muscles of your pelvic floor.
  • Inhale and engage your muscles again, pumping up some more sexual energy to your tailbone. Exhale and relax. Keep tightening and relaxing your muscles, until you feel your perineum getting warm or you feel a tingling sensation.
  • When you master this, start pumping up the energy all the way to your head. Use the same trick. Engage your muscles when you inhale. Visualize the energy moving from your perineum through your spine to your head. Bending your pelvis a bit will make it easier for your energy to go up your spine. Bending your neck a bit, makes it easier for the energy to reach your head. Exhale relax and repeat again. Keep pumping up the energy for ten minutes.
  • Now put your tongue against the roof of your mouth, about 2 centimetres behind your teeth, where you feel the flat part ending and starting to descent. If you place your tongue here, it becomes the bridge between the back of your body and the front of your body, so the energy can flow down again: towards your navel.
  • Bringing the energy down is a challenge on its own. Our balls, pelvis and spine is something we can feel, so it’s easy to visualize this ‘back channel’. The front channel is another story. To bring your energy own let it flow from the top of your head, through the channel that is made up out of the point in between your eyes, your throat, just behind your sternum all the way to your navel. There, behind your navel, in your belly you can store your sexual energy in a reservoir that can come handy in times you are low on energy. Don’t worry: storing it here won’t take anything away from the feeling of your full body orgasm. You don’t want to keep the energy in your head, because it’s so strong, you wan’t be able to sleep at night. Believe me: I made that mistake: twice.

Give yourself time

Getting your energy up to your head will probably take you some time. I’m practising for a while, get it every now and then and lose it again. I do notice that the more yoga I do and especially the more I meditate, the better it gets. Especially on the days I do a lot of meditation.

There is a big chance you won’t feel the energy going up all the way. In some spots you will notice it, others you won’t feel it. If you get the feeling in your head, you are doing fine. If it doesn’t go up all the way, keep practicing. Practice makes perfect. If you notice you get stuck in the same spot over and over again it can help to do some yoga exercises to loosen that spot up. You might have an (emotional) block, which prevents the energy going up all the way.

Your pelvis is the key for bringing up your sexual energy. If you have low back problems, a ‘frozen’ pelvis yoga can help. There is an exercise you can do in bed, before you get up in the morning. Just lie flat on your back and turn your pelvis up and down as far as you can. This will loosen up your pelvis and help you to bring up your sexual energy. For the rest it’s just practice. But I think there are worst exercises as playing with sexual energy.

Have fun!

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