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Photo shoot Maison d Hote Morocco

Photo shoot Maison d’Hote

A crook, single, dry tree is fighting for survival in bare land. Sand all around him. The sun burning on his leaves. No shade, no green in sight. A few kilometers away is water. Salt water. The water of the North Atlantic Ocean. Too far away for its roots. This is the dry land of Morocco, the land where the Sahara starts.

Last month I spent ten days in Morocco; teaching yoga at a retreat of 21st Sanctuary Retreats in Amizamiz. Afterwards Graeme, the fitness instructor, Angie, owner of 21st Sanctuary and I cruised to Essaouira, the hippy town of Morocco to check out some new spots for 21st Sanctuary to do new retreats.

It meant cruising through nobody’s land, over roads that divided big plains filled with sand, through fairy tale villages with walls around that reminded me of old castles. Passing houses constructed in with stones of the same color sand as their surrounding, so they almost blended in. Overtaking old man, with worn out faces of the sun, girls in colorful burkas and mopeds with sheep shackled on the back.

At one of the places we visited I did a little photo shoot of the resort and surrounding area. I like the variety of work: teaching yoga, giving massages, blogging, doing photo shoots and making videos. I don’t think I can just do one thing. The variety keeps it interesting for me. It does mean I’m always busy, but nothing wrong with being busy.

Here is the photo shoot Maison d’Hote


Photo shoot Maison d'Hote Morocco

Photo shoot Maison d’Hote Morocco



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