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Map with penis reflexology zones

Penis reflexology: play with your whole penis

I’ve got good news for you. There is something that is called penis reflexology. It simply means playing with your penis is healthy for your body. That is: if you play with your whole penis.
Of course you’re thinking now. I always play with my whole penis. But are you? Or are you only focusing on the head of your penis. That is often the part that gives you the most sensations. But playing with your whole penis will help you to stay healthy.

How? Thanks to penis reflexology. This might be new for you, but you probably have heard of foot reflexology. Maybe even hand reflexology and there is a little chance you’ve even heard of ear reflexology. It all comes down on the same. More or less. I will explain it in a bit of a black and white way. Let’s look at our feet for example. We have a ‘map’ of our body in our feet. Our feet are divided in different zones. Every zone stands in contact with an area of our body. By massaging these zones we are threatening the area in our body they are in contact with. These zones reflect the body parts.

Your big toe is your head

Your big toe represents your head. The inner arch of your foot corresponds with your spine. The balls of your feet are your lungs. On your left foot you’ll find your stomach underneath the ball of your foot. On your right you’ll find your liver on the same spot. Just like in your body. Your heels represent your pelvis. Just above the heel of your feet and underneath the reflexology zone of the stomach / liver are your small and big intestines. A foot reflexology therapist can – by massaging your feet – cure problems in the organs that correspond with the zones on your feet.

Penis reflexology

So let’s get back to your penis. There is a ‘map’ of your body in your penis as well. No: it’s not that easy that the head of your penis represents your head, but different parts of your penis represent different organs and glands. So by stimulating your entire penis you are threatening these organs and glands. How cool is that.

This stuff is not new. It’s actually really, really old. It comes from Taoism and dates back to the time the Yellow Emperor was ruling China (2697 BC). In the West ‘thanks to the Catholics’ sex is still ‘hidden in the dark’. We all like it. We all fantasies about it and the porn industry is one of the most thriving industries there is. But still: it’s a kind of taboo. A sin according to the Catholic church. In Taoism they had a healthier view on sex. Literally. Sex was seen as something that could keep you healthy. It was part of their medical science. I wrote about orgasms, multiple orgasms and the problems with orgasms in previous blogs. So let’s focus this time on penis reflexology. Like I said: stimulating your penis is taking care of your body; mostly of your endocrine system. So let’s take a closer look at your penis.

The head of your penis consists reflexology zones for:

  • Pineal gland
  • Pituitary gland
  • Adrenal gland and thymus
  • Prostate
  • Heart and lungs

If you divide the part under the head or your penis in three zones, you’ll find penis reflexology zone for:

  • spleen, stomach and pancreas in the top third part
  • Liver and small intestines in the middle third part
  • Large intestines, kidneys and bladder in the bottom third part

Your testicles are connected to all your glands, so don’t forget to give them some attention as well. Rubbing your balls increases the production of testosterone, which will give you more potency.

So next time you play with your penis, don’t feel ashamed. Take your time. Stimulate the whole of it. You’re doing your health a favor.


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