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Peace is a choice

Peace is a choice

Her long, dark curls are waving in the warm evening breeze. The dimmed light of the lantern behind me flickers in her eyes, lights up the little blue circle around the faithful brown. She holds my hand in hers. Plays with my fingers. I just stare at her beauty. She has something wild, mysterious, exotic. Quart Afghani, quart Persian, quart Greece, a quart Spanish and a hundred percent Israeli. Her eyes drift away from mine, over the lake, over Laguna de Apoyo, here in Nicaragua. The surface is flat, calmed down. Clouds are covering the stars above it. Here and there one is uncensored and reflects its light in the lake.

At the table next to us a German guy is reading a book. Alone. A beer in front of him. Four Americans are chatting loudly on the table next to him. Talking about their glory days when they were king of the prom. On the other side of us a Dutch couple is sharing their table with three English people. Pointing out the differences between their countries. Peacefully. An Asian couple is staring at the menu on the wall and decides to go for Italian pizza.

When the German guy gets his food, four English invite him over. Here, in Paradiso, nobody eats alone. When he leaves his table, two Scandinavian girls take his place, trying out new cocktails.

Israeli, German, Dutch, English, American, Nicaraguans, Scandinavian, Asian; we are all here at Paradiso, all sharing the same place, joining each other’s tables, sharing drinks, talking, discussing. Everybody respects each other’s opinion. Nobody tries to make the other believe what they believe. Nobody is stealing food of the other, is trying to take over somebody else’s bed, backpack or whatever.

If we can all live in peace here, why can’t we in this whole world? Every table here is a as little country on it’s own. Every table let the other table be, invites people to come over to their table; without fighting, without stealing. We all eat here. Nobody fights over the food. There is enough. Just like in this world. Didn’t Gandhi say: ‘There is enough for everybody’s need, but not for everybody’s greed’? Nobody gets greedy here. Drinks go by the round. Nobody is emptying the fridge at once, to get it all or stealing beers to sell at other places. Everybody just drinks his/hers and only when that one is empty and they want more, they order another one.

So if this is possible here, it’s possible in the rest of the world. If we want. Peace is a choice. The difference here is, nobody is greedy. Nobody wants to possess anything of the other, wants to make money by selling weapons, wants the other to live their life the way they do, by their rules. Here everybody respects everybody’s choice, lets the others be who they want to be, live how they want to live.

We let the others be as well. We slowly get up, take a last glance at the lake and walk in to the night. Two people from different worlds, two people brought up with different believes. She reads Socrates, I read Iyengar. She likes to sleep in in the morning, I like to get up early and do yoga. She thinks Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah is the best, I prefer the original by Leonard Cohen, but our two worlds, our two believes unite, when she takes my hand in hers and our two hearts start beating as one.

2 Responses to Peace is a choice

  1. Avatar
    Anonymous 10 May 2015 at 17:15 #

    You cannot compare the experiences of a highly privileged group of people on vaccation in a beautiful but exploited (though you dont see it from the shores of the Laguna de Apoyo) country, to living in the real world!!!!!!

  2. Avatar
    John Kraijenbrink 13 May 2015 at 00:47 #

    It’s about attitude. This people are from different beackgrounds, but want to live in peace. If we all want, we can.

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