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Dutch Smiling Yogi demonstrating office yoga: poses for behind your desk

Office Yoga: a yoga class for behind your desk (video)

This is a little office yoga sequence: a yoga class for behind your desk. Why? Because our bodies are not designed to sit behind a desk for hours at a time. Our bodies are designed to move.

Sitting on a chair, behind a computer of laptop is actually one of the worst things we can do for our body. No: hanging in the sofa or chair isn’t any better as well. A lot of people have problems with their low back. Mostly due to to short hamstrings, which prevent the pelvis to tilt when they bend forward. As a result the forward bending motion puts to much strain on the back muscles. The back muscles get into stress and back pain is the consequence. Hamstrings are designed to bend the leg. Straightening your legs is stretching them. If you sit behind your desk with your legs bend, you tell your hamstrings that they don’t need to be long and your body adjust to it. Smart as it is.

Office yoga

Put it’s not just your hamstrings and low back that are suffering. Most of us have a bad posture behind hour computer. Even if an expert has looked at it, overtime we start to hang in hour chairs again, using the mouse of our computer always with the same hand, holding our phone in between our ear and shoulder to have our hands free and so on. To counteract all of this, we should do office yoga a few times a day. It will only take a few minutes to stretch your neck, shoulders, back, hamstrings and gluteus medius (side buttocks). It will take you less time then most of your colleagues need for their cigarette break and it will keep your spine, back and neck happy.

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