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And now what?

And now what? The next steps in our move to Spain

House in Spain bought and now what? We’re only moving in September, so what to do in the meantime?  To be honest: a lot. Maybe even more than we have time for. In this vlog we’ll update you.

A big thank you

But first of all: we want to thank you. So many sent us your love, congratulations and more. It was really heartwarming to read all of them. We’re incredible happy with our house / yoga retreat place in Spain, but it’s even more beautiful to see that all of you are sharing our happiness. Thank you!

It were already busy times – no holidays for us -and they are only going to be busier. First of all we have the yoga retreat in Granada in August. Besides that Sara is doing another yoga challenge with her La Scimmia Yoga. Then there is the yoga Teacher Training Course we are going to do on Sardinia in 2018, we have a yoga book to write and I’m still writing for Yoga International, a Dutch magazine. And at the same time we have to pack everything up on Tenerife and get ready to move to Spain. How we are going to do that? You’ll see in the vlog.


You’ll find all our vlogs of our move to Spain on our YouTube channel.


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