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Nostril science

Nostril science

Poring salt water in my nose never will be a hobby, but it serves two goals: it cleans my body in general and specifically my nostrils. Cleaning my nostrils is a matter of life and death. It may sound heavy, but if one nostril is blocked for thirty days in a row a person dies, according to the yogis. Nostrils are so important there is a whole science of them: nostril science.

In India a lot of studies have been conducted on nostrils and the way they work. One nostril is always dominant when you breath in or out through them. Which ones changes about eight times a day. So if your left is now dominant, it will be the right later on. Except around sunset and sunrise. At those special times both of them will be as dominant. One of the goals of yoga is to have this happen all the time.

Our left nostril (Ida) represents moon energy. It’s a cooling energy, that cools down the body and the brain. Our right nostril (Pingla) stands for sun energy, energy that warms the body and the brain. We can use this knowledge to prevent illness, to enhance digestion and to stimulate our brain.

For example: when we go to the toilet for ‘number two’ our right nostril has to be dominant when we breathe in and out. Taking a shit is hard work for your body and it needs energy. When we go and pie our left nostril has to be dominant. If this isn’t the case our body is to warm and we have a bigger chance on bladder infection, because the bacteria in our pie can reproduce easily in this eat, infecting our bladder.

When we have to take decisions concerning our business we want our right nostril to be active, making our brain sharp. When we have to take emotional decisions we want our left nostril to be active, calming us done a bit. Exercising? Right nostril, meditating? Left nostril.

If we are fit and healthy our nostrils work the way they should. We get up, take a pie and our left nostril is active. We eat some breakfast and when we make it the flow have changed and our right nostril is active. Eating breakfast stimulates our intestines and we go to the toilet. Still our right nostril is active. And so on.

Sometimes the natural flow is disturbed. Illness, stress, jet legs all can cause a disturbance in the flow. We can ‘repair’ this. If we want our left nostril to be the dominant one, we can lay down on our right side, so our left nostril is the upper one. Within ten minutes this one will become the dominant one. If we watch the flow of our nostrils for twenty days and keep changing them according to our rhythm of the day (drink, eat, pie, shit) the flow will adapt to our way of life again.

It’s a small science which can have a big impact on our life. It has for me, in a funny and annoying way at the same time, because with every sip of water and every pie I take, I hold my fingers underneath my nose: to check if the nostril that should be dominant is dominant.

This is and old story. I wrote this at the end of 2010, when I went to India for the first time, 
to do my first Yoga Teacher Training. I finally translated it in English. 
My first yoga teacher training was the starting point to walk to path of yoga seriously.
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