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No YogaBuiten for me

No YogaBuiten for me

No YogaBuiten for me this year. I’ll still be in Nicaragua, doing voluntary work, making videos, taking pictures, giving massages and teaching yoga. I just had to think about it. It’s the beginning of February, that’s the moment Loes Danen – YogaLoose – and I would come together for the first time: planning the edition for the coming summer.

I started YogaBuiten in 2011. I just came back form India and wanted to show Tilburg – my home town – what yoga was in general and especially what vinyasa flow yoga was, because there weren’t a lot of young people doing yoga. Whoever I told I was going to teach yoga, would look strangely at me: yoga was either for hippies, either for old people. The only yoga that was taught in (the center of) Tilburg was hatha. So to change the image of yoga and to offer yoga to the community I started to teach for free, outside in the park: every Sunday in the summer (June up until August). Loes joined me and ever since we have been organising YogaBuiten together.

First time eight people showed up. Man, I was so happy; not standing there on my own. Two of those eight – Natasha and Anneke – became good friends later on. Highlight that year was 45 people. The movie you see, is shot at that time. One year later we reached the magical hundred people for the first time. 2013 we had almost a hundred people every time we were teaching and the sun was shining. Last year was a great success as well. And this year? Well, that’s not up to me. Loes will still be organising YogaBuiten, but this time together with YogaCentrum Tilburg, who took over my school. I have a nice sabbatical: doing yoga in Nicaragua.

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