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Where of to next?

Where of to next? I love traveling without a plan. I will research a country, but the best places to go to is something I always discover being on the road. I really like to Lonely Planet, but I mainly read it for the history of a country, to have a quick look at the highlights and to do the city tours that are usually in there. Where I will actually end up is based on ‘the stories on the road’, the people I meet up with and their experiences. That’s another reason I love meeting people while travelling. The have the ‘freshest’ news.

At this moment we’re a little stuck. We is Mark, Marieke, a Dutch girl doing her practical as a doctor here in Nicaragua and who we meet in Granada, and me. What we want, is seeing wildlife. The lovely thing about Nicaragua is at the same time the hardest thing. It’s not that developed as a touristic country yet. So there are not a lot of tours happening and the locals know a lot about their own area, but not about the rest of the country. So you have to go somewhere first to inform what there is to see. But going somewhere in Nicaragua takes days. So where of to next to see lots of wildlife.

The last two days the three of us spent at Laguna De Apoyo, close to Masaya and Granada. The laguna is a clean, blue and warm lake. Warm, because it’s actually inside the crater of the Apoyo Volcano. Perfect to swim and ‘catch’ some wildlife. Because this morning we got up early (again) and went on a small hike, spotting the Mantled Howler monkey (mono congo) and the Variegated Squirrel (the white one).

Mono Congo Nicaragua

Mono Congo Nicaragua

But we like to see more wildlife and then where of to next? We’re still thinking of the Matagalpa area. There is lot’s of wildlife around there, but we’re not sure if we can get the right tour (one for more days, with wildlife and at the same time one we can afford). The other option is going to Costa Rica. There are a few national parks packed with wildlife and with good hiking trails you can actually do your self. The trails in Nicaragua are not all looked after too much, so there are some people who did them, but never came back. We want to see more wildlife, so coming back is pretty essential for that.

So as this moment we’re a bit stuck, but like always with travelling: something will come up….

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