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Books versus Kindle ebook

New toy; Kindle ebook

Boys like toys and I got a new toy; Kindle ebook. I already really like and I only have it for two days. Don’t worry, this is not an advertisement for the Kindle. is not paying me for it (too bad). You can fill any other brand name in for Kindle, I just got the Kindle and I love it because it ‘slim downs’ my life even more.

This year I will spend a total of eight months on the road. I love books. My journey started already last year in Central America. At one point I was carrying more than six kilos of books with me. Six! A third of my backpack was filled with books. I know it’s crazy and you are probably wondering why. I did a few times as well, but it did made sense. I’m teaching a Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Budapest February 2016 and I’m writing the manual for it. To be able to do that I had my Physiology and Anatomy book with me. That book on it’s own was more than two kilos. I was teaching as well. When I teach I like to have Light on Yoga of Iyengar with me. That book always inspires me and there are a lot of yoga therapy series in it. I was studying Yoga Nidra, so I had a book on that topic in my backpack and I’m trying to gain more knowledge about tantra, so I had a book of Mantak Chia with me about the Taoistic secrets of love. Being in Central America and wanting to speak the language I had a study book Spanish and a little dictionary with me. Here and there I picked up a book in a hostel, read it an exchanged it. Backpacking around I started with a Lonely Planet (LP) on Central America, but my backpack got lighter half way when my LP got stolen. And I almost forget Matthew Sweeney’s Vinyasa Krama, which have some pretty awesome yoga series as well.

I love ‘real’ books. I love paper (but I don’t like cutting down trees) and I love highlighting with a yellow marker. At the same time I love travelling light and I don’t like having a lot of possessions. Last week I went to Spain for some yoga and for fun. I flew with Ryanair and couldn’t bring to much luggage. I ended up without books and did miss them. So the Kindle ebook is the perfect toy for me. ‘Having’ a lot of books, without ‘having’ them and best of all: I can travel light again.

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