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Swinging Meditation - Photo Jan Stads / Pix4Profs

My wish list

Swinging Meditation - Photo Jan Stads / Pix4Profs

Swinging Meditation – Photo Jan Stads / Pix4Profs

The coming years I’ll be on the road for most of the time: teaching yoga, doing yoga, giving therapeutic massages, giving yoga therapy, studying and helping out in poor countries wherever and however I can. Being on the road, I have a little wish list.

Knowing what life is about
Okay, this is not a little wish, this is probably a very big thing, but it’s something I already asked myself when I was a kid. Why are we on earth? What’s our goal? Where is life leading to? I more or less now the Christian answer the pope is giving, I know the yoga vision (and I want to go deeper in to that), I know the vision of Buddha, but I also want to know how the Maya’s think about it. And the Aztecs and the Indians, and … and … and … So it’s going to be a mission, but a nice one

Learning Spanish
I’ve always wanted to learn Spanish. That has been on my wish list for a long, long time. No idea why, maybe because I love Spain so much. It’s such a relaxed country and at the same time the people are full of passion. The same I’m discovering here in Nicaragua. I love a lifestyle like that and wherever I go, I like to be able to communicate with locals. I always want to go away of the beaten track, really want to be among part of the country. So Spanish is pretty handy out here in Nicaragua, because hardly anybody speaks English.
Next to that: I just like speaking different languages.

Experience other ways of living
Back home everything looks to revolve around the euro. The euro is the new god. People cheat, ruin nature (and the entire planet), putting other people down, lie, steal just to be better off. Companies treat animals like shit, pollute rivers and oceans for more profit. Politicians lie and steal to make sure there friends in higher places earn more and to make sure they get a nice job after their political career. See our former Secretaries of Finance who are working for banks, they helped when they were still in politics.
I want to get away from the euro. I want to live in self-sustaining communities, where life revolves around life. Where people help each other, are nice to each other, because that’s what they want, not because they’re just polite to make more profit. I want to experience how it is to share, to get up every morning and work for the general good.
But I also want to spent time in an ashram, maybe even a monastery. Just to see how it is to life there. And I want to life in different countries, see different views on life, see different ways of living.

Live self-sustaining, grow my own food, learn to build my own house
I don’t only want to life in a self-sustaining community, I want to learn all the skills myself as well. I learned so much shit when I was at school, but not the basic stuff you need to know. I can’t repair my own sink or toilet. I need somebody to come in. I’m have been reading books on growing my own crops the last few years, because nobody taught me.
In school I learned that the derivative of sin X is cosine X. I learned to calculate when a tennis ball hits the ground if I throw it out of an airplane. What good is that? But nobody taught me when to sow seeds, when to harvest. Why not?

Deepen my yoga practice
The last one on my wish list is the most important one. I want to deepen my yoga practice again. Due to a parasite in my intestines I have been sick for a long time. My body even started breaking itself down, because I couldn’t digest my food anymore and couldn’t get the ‘building blocks’ out of my food I needed to become stronger of even to maintain my body. Yoga was taking care of my body so the signs didn’t show at first. When they showed I taught I was just having stress of working seven days a week, 10 to 12 hours a day to run my yoga school and do all the projects I was doing. Only when I started to wake up every half an hour at night I went to the doctor and to a specialist. It took a while, but they found out I had a parasite, who had destroyed my intestines. It explained why I was so tired all the time and couldn’t sleep at night.
My own yoga practice became very limited. No out here I’m doing yoga every day and I’m loving every minute of it. I still have to watch myself. Full recovery is estimated for a year, but I feel I’m getting fitter and stronger again.
I also want to go ‘beyond the asanas. So I’m doing pranayama every morning, meditate twice a day and as soon as I’m done studying Spanish here at La Mariposa Spanish School I’ll start reading more yoga philosophy to deepen my practice. On top of it, I just got an invitation out of India to study with a Guru. Let’s see if that will happen!

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2 Responses to My wish list

  1. Avatar
    Ingrid 15 November 2014 at 00:26 #

    This is all you ever wished or asked for! You deserve every second of enjoyment of it for as long as you want it!

  2. Avatar
    Anonymous 18 February 2015 at 14:56 #

    Namaste my Guru

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