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I love my building: this is my bedroom

My shelving unit bed

I love recycling, I love building and I always wanted to build my own bed. So when I bought my last one I deliberately only bought a matrass and a slatted bed base; nothing else.

For a while that was what I slept on. Nothing fancy around it. Just some wooden beams with the slatted bed base and the matrass on top. Up until my friend Ingrid showed off her new wardrobe in her attic; especially made for her by her dad. A little piece of art, created with old wood. To be precisely with old shelves of a shelving unit. Her dad use to work at a thrift shop and a company donated a bunch of shelving units, so the thrift shop could sell them and make a little profit. But nobody was interested. Why buying some old stuff when Ikea is selling new ones for almost the same price? All the old shelves where just filling up the attic of the thrift shop, who just wanted to get rid of them. And I was glad to help.

It took me two days, mainly because every shelve consisted of tree slats being attached to two little iron rods with screws that where half rusted away and I wanted those slats one by one. But after two days building, trying, putting pieces together, taking them apart again and putting them together once more –  but this time a little bit better – my bed was finished. My four poster bed. Just leaving me with one thing to do: sleep and feel in heaven.


All you need: some old shelves, toys for boys and a not to serious do-it-yourselfer

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