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my own beanie

My own beanie

It was somewhere in New Zealand, in the year 2008. Annemiek and I were traveling around the world. Her first big break, my second. In a hostel we stayed in, a girl was crocheting her own beanie. I have a thing for beanies and I thought it would be cool to make my own beanie.

That idea stayed with me over the last couple of years. It got revived about two years ago, when I saw Tara Stiles, one of my favorite yoga teachers, starting to crochet and knit. Being as busy as I was – running a yoga school, studying massage therapy and doing some photography and writing on the side – I looked for an excuse to get started and get some crochetign time in. I am walking the yoga path and I am always looking for more time to do yoga. And there was my excuse. One of the steps on the yoga path is dharana: concentration. I have a pretty big monkey mind. Crocheting forces me to sit down and focus on my work.

Being me I got pretty serious and got all my materials. When they arrived I just put them aside for a bit. Up until I had time to start. I think they have been in my closet for half a year. One day I went over to Annemiek.. On her sofa was half a beanie. She got inspired by the guys of Myboshi, who started crocheting during a winter, were they were board to death and started crocheting as well.

Shortly after the two of us had to go to southern France, where we were part of the medical team of Tour du ALS. She brought her crochet work, taught me how to do it and I finally started working on my beanie. Coming home the little part I had done disappeared in my closet again.

Going to Central America, on a sabbatical, I decided it was time to finally pick it up. I brought the crochet needle and some wool. I thought of starting a lot of times, but it never got that far. Up until the day I was leaving Granada. I had a long bus ride and a long flight ahead. It was deep at night, when I looked up the YouTube-video how to start and actually do it. I did a bit in the bus, but really got on with it in the plane. I think a long flight never felt so short. Somewhere above Europe my wool was finished, the beanie not.

The good thing was I had more travelling to do: in my own country. Visiting friends and family. It meant even more time in busses and trains; so more time to crochet and to finally, finally finish my beanie. Up to the next one. Maybe I can do this one a little bit quicker than seven years.

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