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My life in Rome: shooting yoga videos with Sara Bigatti

My life in Rome, Italy (video)

My life in Rome is history, El Puertito de Guimar on Tenerife is the new ‘now’. After three weeks of shooting videos for Sara Bigatti’s La Scimmia Yoga and shooting online video classes for my own YouTube channel Dutch Smiling Yogi I moved on. Tenerife is my new home. For now. I ended up in a little harbor town: El Puertito de Guimar.

Rome was an experience on it’s own. It’s an amazing city from archaeological, historical and artistic point of view, but it’s a dirty, polluted city at the same time. Trash and rats everywhere, graphite, closed shops and tons of cars and scooters driving and honking around. I think it’s one of those cities that is amazing to visit, but not a place to live in. Well, it wasn’t for me. Three weeks was enough Although I spent some good times with the amazing owners of DAMO yoga shala, Stefano and Chiara, and my Dutch, American, Italian friend Yolanda.

Filming, editing, eating, sleeping in Rome

To be honest: I haven’t seen to many historical buildings. Although: there is one on almost every street corner. Most of my time was spent walking from my AirBnB place to DAMO yoga shala, filming, walking back, editing, eating and sleeping. Living in Rome for a few weeks sounds in this case more exciting than it was. At the same time: I had a really good time. I love walking, filming, doing yoga and editing. So apart from the continuous traffic noise life was good.

And now I’m on Tenerife. Didn’t expect to go to Rome, didn’t expect to go to Tenerife. Sara Bigatti invited me to come and film with her and to do a yoga workshop with her, so I ended up in Rome. Same story for Tenerife. Well, almost same. She invited me to come along and shoot some more videos on Tenerife and offered me some help setting up my YouTube channel. So I’m in Tenerife. Not in the tourist part. Both of us wanted to be away from all the noise and hectic. I think we’re in one of the smallest villages there is. This time I’m not only filming, writing and editing. I’m exploring Tenerife as well. Sara is thinking of moving here and I’m tagging along. I have to be in Budapest in September to teach a yoga Teacher Training Course. In the meantime I’m focusing on my own project and let the road take me where it want. Again.

You’ll find the rest of my travel stories on my travel / countries page.

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2 Responses to My life in Rome, Italy (video)

  1. Avatar
    YepYoga 7 June 2016 at 00:48 #

    A pity that you didn’t have a click with Rome, Rome is fantastic !!! 🙂

  2. Avatar
    John Kraijenbrink 8 June 2016 at 11:13 #

    I’ll believe you. Probably one of those places you have to live to know it. Maybe next time you can show me around. Although: I do like quietness these days 😉