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My life in Nicaragua

My life in Nicaragua

No more Blauwe Parel (my yoga school in the Netherlands), but that doesn’t mean no more busy days. I still feel free, I’m still happy I sold my school and started travelling, but I’m still pretty busy. Not as ridiculous as it was back home and I’m doing what I love now (my own yoga practice), but the days of my life in Nicaragua are pretty full.

Every day I get up at 4.30 o’clock to do yoga, pranayama and to meditate for about 2,5 hours.

After a quick breakfast and bucket shower I walk around 7.45 over to the vegetables and fruit farm of La Mariposa and work up until eleven, before I return to my home-stay for another shower.

11.45 it’s back to school for lunch and Spanish classes up until 17 o’clock. Mostly I hang around a bit, to study, to do some e-mail or blogging, because I don’t have internet at my home-stay. Around 18 o’clock I go back to my family, eat with them, try to talk some Spanish, play a bit with Oscar, the little boy, read, write a blog (offline) and meditate.

Between 20 and 20.30 o’clock the lights go out. Half an hour later the whole house is a sleep. Nicaraguans go to bed early and get up early: with the rhythm of the day, which I really love.

The weekends or Friday evening I ‘get out’, do a city trip, go over to San Marco, a little town close by or I try to catch up with some people back home by e-mail or Facebook. And then it’s Monday again.

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