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We want to move to Spain

We want to move to Spain and start our own yoga retreat place

We want to move to Spain. Have our own yoga retreat place, somewhere in the South of Spain. That is our big dream. A self sustainable life, a place to shoot our yoga courses and a place where we can teach yoga: workshops, retreats and yoga teacher training courses.

If you want to help us realize it; hop over to our shop and by a yoga course.

And more…. We’ll tell you all about it in our new vlog series: She & me: moving to Spain, which you find on our YouTube channel. Here is our first episode:


We’ll keep you posted of every step we take: from just a dream to our own little house in Spain. We hope….

When you hop over to our channel, make sure to subscribe. That way you will never miss an episode again. Or a yoga class….

Have fun!


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