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Missing Acro Yoga

Missing Acro Yoga

Marieke, Jessica, Tara, Greg and I don’t know how many more; I’ve been flying them over the last couple of weeks here in Nicaragua. Ever since Esther Hertog, the flying Acro Yogi, ‘infected’ me with the acro yoga virus – almost two years ago – I’ve been flying. And being out here in Nicaragua, I just continued flying. Or the be more precise: basing. I fly, every now and then and I’m loving it, but being one meter and eight nine centimeters and weighing about 72 kilo’s I’m mostly the base. The fun and cool thing about basing is: you can make people fly for the very first time. If you look at their eyes when you put them done, you can see the sparkles of happiness.

Ever since I landed in Nicaragua I’ve ‘thrown’ a lot of people in the air. Wherever I’m teaching yoga I play around a little with acro yoga at the end. End whenever I’m on the beach, I have a go at it as well if there is somebody around.
There is just one little ‘but’. Almost all the people I’ve been flying with hadn’t done any acro yoga yet or did it only once. So it means I’m starting over with the basics all the time. Now that’s not a problem. I love going back to the basics, at the same time I do miss Elena, Julia, Savio and all of my other flyers from back home. I’m missing acro yoga, the way we did it. I miss the level we got ourselves at, training at the Blauwe Parel. I miss Erik, my base from Amersfoort, Erwin, who would fly me every now and then and was even more fanatical as I was. Besides Erik we all started at level zero and with the help of Esther we all did amazing stuff at the end.

I don’t know what it’s about acro yoga. It’s yoga and at the same time it’s more then that. It’s working together, training together, being together. Helping each other grow. The first Dutch acro yoga festival I went to, together with Anneke and Erwin, felt as a home coming. Strangers where no strangers, everybody was chatting with everybody, sharing food, giving massages and flying each other. There was trust, friendship, hard training, soft massages and the peace and loving, John Lennon (and Jack Johnson) is singing about in ‘Imagine’. I think that’s what I’m looking for in my life. That atmosphere, that way of being together, growing together, that positive vibe. And that’s what I haven’t found yet. There are some yogi’s out here. Not as much as I hoped for. But where are the acro yogi’s in Nicaragua? If you know, tell me: and I’ll be flying them next.

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