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Sara Bigatti teaching a class for Zalando at the Milan Yoga Festival. I was filming it for Zalando and for her.

Filming at the Milano Yoga Festival – Life of a Traveling Yogi #7 (video)

Last week I was filming at the Milan Yoga Festival to do a little movie for Zalando about Sara Bigatti‘s class. Next up was Modena, where I had to do a yoga / mindfulness lecture at TetraPak. It were the last two jobs in Italy, before we got on the plane to fly to India. So next blog will be from India.

From Milan to India

I’ll keep vlogging, but there is a possibility the vlogs will be a little late. I’m in India and uploading takes a night and editing is a nice challenge with all the power cuts we have. But no worries; somehow I’ll manage.

You’ll find my latest vlogs on YouTube.

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