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Merry Christmas from India. This might be my most bling-bling Christmas every.

Merry Christmas from India – new travel vlog (video)

Merry Christmas from India, this time. My second Christmas in India in a row, my third outside of the Netherlands in a row. If you think Indians don’t celebrate Christmas, you’re wrong. Here in Goa, where I’m living, is a big Christian community that celebrates Christmas. And every year a lot of Christian Indians come down to Goa to celebrate it with them.

Christian India

Christianity is the third religion in India; making Christmas a fest that is celebrated throughout the whole country. At Sampoorna Yoga, where I’m teaching at this moment, we have people coming from all over the world, so Christmas is a festival we do celebrate, although classes are going on.

Nevertheless having Christmas this year in the weekend gave us the opportunity to celebrate it with a dinner on the beach and with more fun. What? Check out the vlog!



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