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How to meditate? Meditation is really easy. You actually don't have to do anything. But not doing anything is actually really hard. Follow this video tutorial and you will learn how you can meditate best.

How to meditate (video meditation tutorial)

Meditation is a solution for a lot of problems. But how to meditate? Joelle of Kernel of Wisdom will explain that to you in this video tutorial. It’s so simple, you won’t believe it. But there is more. This tutorial includes also a simple yoga (asana) class. Why? Because the hardest part of meditation is actually sitting.

Meditation for beginners

If you have meditated before, this meditation for beginners can still be nice. It’s a simple one, using your breath as an anchor for your wandering mind and putting some labels on all the thoughts that might arise. It’s a good way to see what you are dealing with, without dealing with it. And the asana sequence in the video will help you to sit easier.

I’ve had a go at now-a-days society pretty often on this blog I won’t repeat it again. But if you find that sitting is really hard: try out this sequence and try to move a little bit more during your working days.

Why meditate?

So why meditate? There are numerous books written about the benefits of meditation. They are filled with not just claims. Even Western doctors are finally convinced of the benefits, such as: less stress, less depression, better self acceptance and self esteem, improved mood, memory and creativity and lower blood pressure, lessens inflammatory and heart problems and a better immune system.

This is just a hand full. Meditation coach Giovanni Dienstmann (Live and Dare) has listed them all, after browsing through more than a hundred studies. You’ll find (almost) all of the benefits in his info-graphic as how below. You can also read the full article of it on Dienstmann’s blog.

<img src=" Benefits-of-Meditation-Infographic.png" alt="Infographic with the benefits of meditation" title="Benefits-of-Meditation-Infographic"/>

Infographic with the benefits of meditation


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