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I'm gong to miss Meditation Garden San Isidro

Meditation Garden San Isidro

Packed my bags again. Sure I’m going to miss this place. But my work is done. I created the website of Meditation Garden Costa Rica / Meditation Garden San Isidro. From September onwards it will be open ‘for the public’. The last two and a half weeks it was just me, meditating here.

Every morning I would get up early, take a cold shower, do my asanas, go done to the kitchen, drink a smoothie and walk into the Meditation Garden. I had my own little spot. Just through the main gate, a fifty meters into the garden, overlooking the hills in front of me and the outskirts of San Jose on the right of me. My face in the warm sun, lizards heating their body on the wooden seats next to me. I would sit there for 45 minutes up until an hour. In silence, my mind turning inwards. No sounds around me, except for the wind in the trees, a few bugs flying by and some dogs barking in the distance.

I fell in love with that little spot. It was a bit too chilly early mornings to get out of the house. So I did my asanas indoors, in the office above my cabin, with a great view over San Jose. But even during my asanas I would already dream a bit about my upcoming meditation. I don’t know what it was, but that garden has something special. I only had to sit and as soon as my bum hit the wooden shelf I was sitting on, my mind went quiet. It got my out of my yoga slump for sure.

The garden was designed by Don Diego in 2004. He use to life in California, where he was a member of the Self-Realization Fellowship (SRF), a meditation group, dedicated to self evolution in the United States. When he moved to Costa Rica he missed the meditation garden of the SRF and decided to create one himself. He bought an abandoned and declined coffee field and created a new coffee ranch with this meditation garden. So far it has been used by the people staying at his Bed & Breakfast from September on there will be a meditation every Sunday. From today on people can get a day pass and just spent the day meditating in the 2 acres big garden. Like I did in the last couple of weeks.

I’m sad to leave. Leave that beautiful garden and leave Don Diego. He was an amazing host, taking care of my when I got sick. Bringing me coconuts every day. We did some yoga together, talked hours about good food, a bit about eastern philosophy and had a few good laughs.I’ll miss him. At the same time I am pretty excited to return to Granada, to return to Pure Yoga, Health and Adventure and to start teaching there and to do Acro Yoga again. Just one more long day in the bus and I’ll be flying and basing again. Can’t wait….

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