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Mayurasana - Peacock pose

Peacock Pose – Mayurasana

Mayurasana – peacock pose is a pose that looks really beautiful, but for me it’s an amazing complicated one to do. When I was a kid and played football (soccer for the Americans) my long legs where pretty handy. I was a defending midfield player and my opponents always complained about my Inspector Gadget legs. It didn’t matter where on the field they were, I could always get a leg in front of the ball. For jump backs and Mayurasana my legs form a problem. They are so tall compared to my upper body that it’s hard to find the right balance between those two parts.

I can do Pincha Mayurasana; the vertical version of Peacock pose, but with Mayurasana I’m struggling. Most arm balances come easy to me. That makes Mayurasana an extra challenge.

How to get into Mayurasana – Peacock pose

  • Kneel down on all fours; knees slightly apart
  • Place your hands on the floor with your fingers pointing towards you. Your little fingers should tough
  • Bend your elbows and keep your lower arms together. Your diaphragm should rest on your elbows en your chest on the back of your upper arms
  • Straighten your legs, squeeze them together
  • Breath out, transfer your body weight on your wrists and hands, lift your legs (you can start by lifting them one by one) and straighten your head and trunk forwards
  • Stay in Mayurasana as long as you can. See if you can work up till 30 seconds up until a minute
  • First lower your head to the floor to get out of the pose, then lower your legs

Benefits of Mayurasana – Peacock pose

  • Your elbows are pressing the aorta in your stomach which improves blood flow in your abdominal organs. Your digestion benefits of this, stomach and spleen problems will be cured
  • Mayurasana prevents accumulation of waste products, due to incorrect diet
  • Beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes
  • Strengthens lower arms, wrists and elbows

An alternative for Mayurasana – one I can do and like – is Padma Mayurasana. In this case you fold your legs into lotus. Getting into the pose and the benefits are the same. If you have long legs like I do and you struggle with this pose, give Padma Mayurasana a chance.

This pose releases so many toxins and waste products that you shouldn’t do any inversion after it anymore.

Want more? Check out my library of yoga poses or do them with me on YouTube.

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