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My Manduka yoga travel mat

The good thing about travelling is it doesn’t start when you board your first plane, train or when you’re getting in the car. It starts way before. Today is precisely two and a halve months before I will get a board of my Condor Flight to Nicaragua, but the fun has already started.

This morning the mail man was pretty early: ringing my bell to bring me a little travel gift. Not a very surprisingly one, because I ordered it myself, but hey, you have to treat you selves sometimes. I did, with the best travel gift I could possible think off: a travel yoga mat. A lightweight Manduka yoga travel mat to be precisely. I love their mats. Their grip is enormous, which I really like, because of all the funny arm balances I do, their mats never wear out, but most important they are eco-conscious. If you make something you should do it with respect for the planet, I think. And: not so important, but still: they look good. Well, my purple one really does 🙂

Mandukas mission is: love, unite all, nurture our planet, joyology and celebrating design. Now that’s my kind of yoga: spreading love, uniting people, being good to mother earth and finding joy in everything I do; especially in yoga. So let’s get together and do yoga. Maybe I will even lent you my new Manduka yoga travel mat for a second. May be…. very may be….

My Manduka yoga travel mat

My Manduka yoga travel mat

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