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Lonely on the Road

I’m lonely on the road – travel vlog: an ode to the lonely traveler

I am lonely on the road. Well, that is; if I have to believe what other people believe. I’ve been on the road for 2,5 years now. Left the Netherlands at the end of October 2014 and I haven’t been back for a longer period of time yet. So most people think I have to be lonely, because I left all my friends behind. The truth is, I’m not.

Yes, I have a lot of friends in the Netherlands and I miss them. Not in general, sorry, but at times. It doesn’t mean I want to be in the Netherlands again, it simple means I want my friends to be here; with me. Share the adventures I’m having. The other reason I’m not lonely is my friends. No, not those in the Netherlands, those around the world. The truth is, the world has become smaller and smaller. The first time I packed my backpack and laptop to travel and work my way around the world it was still something special. Now there are digital nomads everywhere. So I made this little ode for the lonely traveler.

And there is one more reason I’m not lonely. Just check this vlog and you know what….


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