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Little steps make big things happen

Day 10 done; just 30 more days to go until the end of my 40 day Yoga Challenge. One quarter done. Already. Feels like the end is coming near. To bad, I’m loving this.

I’m not new to yoga, I’m just not practicing every day. I would like to, but I’m one of those people who is full of excuses: no time, to busy, I’ve got other things to do. Don’t worry, I’m almost practicing every day, but I think I should do it every day instead of almost every day. It’s good for me and every time I do my own practice I know precisely why teaching yoga is not doing yoga: it’s all in the breath.

I have a few days left before I’m leaving the Netherlands to tour around the world and teach yoga. I thought that was a good reason to start a 40 day Yoga Challenge. Why 40 days? Well, you can read that in my previous blog, but in this case it was simply because I only have 40 days, more or less, left before I go.

Now for some people forty days of yoga in a row might seem a lot. The trick is to set small goals. Little steps make big things happen. When I was a runner I always wanted to do a marathon. I was a 10 kilometer runner, so 42 kilometers and 195 meters sounded ridiculously much. So I set small goals; starting with 10 English miles (16 kilometers), next up was half a marathon (21), after that a marathon training run (30 kilometers) and finally the full Rotterdam Marathon.

Having those ‘small’ goals always kept me motivated. I can understand when you want to run a marathon and you are not even able to run one kilometer that having to run 42 feels like a mission impossible. So always set small goals and all small goals together add up to the big goal, the big dream you have.

My next small goal is doing yoga for fifteen days in a row. If I make that one third is done. Next up is doing it for twenty days straight. From there on it’s down the hill to thirty days and than 40 is coming really close. So what’s your next goal?

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