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little redhead tea

My little redhead tea

A friend of mine cooks by color. He isn’t the slightest concerned about how thinks taste, just by how things looks. In his point of view: if you have all different colors in your meal, you have a healthy meal. Among our friends there is a lot of discussion about his opinion and especially about his cooking style, but he’s sticking with it.

When I create my tea’s I’m normally inspired by the healing qualities of the herbs I’m using and by the taste of the tea. This time I was different. This time I was inspired by my friend and made a tea just by color. I wanted to have one with a nice, red color so it looked like lemonade or a rose wine which I could call my little redhead tea.

For those who like lemonade this tea has a sweet taste, for those who like a dry rose wine, these tea has a little sour taste as well. And for those who like opposites – like me – it has both.

So what’s in it?
Hibiscus: good to lower blood pressure and cholesterol
Goji berries: contain all essential amino acids
Rose hip: good for the kidneys, contains a lot of vitamin C

Combine it by taste and enjoy your little redhead tea.

little redhead tea

little redhead tea

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