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From now on every week on our YouTube channel: the life of a traveling yogi. A vlog about what we actually do all week.

Life of a traveling yogi: looking for yoga retreat places

The life of a traveling yogi, from now on weekly on the Dutch Smiling Yogi YouTube channel. Especially for all those who are always curious what I’m actually doing all day 😉 and how it is to travel around the world and teach yoga.

Every Monday I’ll show my 6 working days in 60 seconds and for ‘bigger events’ I’ll shoot a little special vlog.

Almost killed

This week we toured around Tenerife. We were checking out retreat places for the retreat we want to organize spring next year. It was suppose to be a nice trip, but it got us almost killed because of the crappy car we got from this Rent-a-Car place. Those shots are not in the video. I needed both hands to get the car going, when it was sliding back down the steep mountain.

The rest of the week was a lot of working ahead, because of the workshops in Albania and the yoga retreats in India that are coming up. In between I have to teach on the yoga festival in Milan and give a lecture for a big company in Modena. Busy times, but you’ll see those in the coming episodes of Life of a traveling yogi.

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