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Life is not a photo, it's a movie

Life is not a photo, it’s a movie

You remember that one moment, that moment that everything was perfect? That moment it looked like life stood still and you were totally in love with life?

We all have had these moments. Well, at least I hope for you. And we all think back to them. Your first kiss, the first mountain you climbed, your first skydive, your first big victory, your first pet. Moments to cherish. Cherish, not to get stuck in.

A lot of us do. A lot of us think back at the moment life was better, the moment we first met our big love, how amazing she or he was at that moment and then we feel grieve. Grief, because those days are gone by. Have passed. Are history.

The problem is, we see life as a collection of photos and we want to keep those photos with us for the rest of our lives. We want to hold on to that moment, make it last for every. But life is not a photo, it’s a movie. Scenes are rolling by. One after the other. There is no moment of stillness, there is no forever. Life is moving on. The film of our life is rolling on. Constantly.

We should start teaching this to ourselves. Make ourselves aware that life is a movie, a constant coming and going from moments and not a photo, not one moment that we can cherish. If we can bring this awareness in our minds, we won’t grieve about moments anymore. We don’t want to grab back on our past anymore. We accept that our life is a movie, that our life rolls on. We accept it, cherish the moment and move to the next, without getting stuck, without all this grieve than won’t bring us anything. We are happy with the beautiful moment that we have had and we know we will move on to the next beautiful moment.

So throw away all your old photos and start the movie of your life.

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