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Dutch Smiling Yogi in Downward dog pose

Let me design your yoga serie

Urdhva pincha mayurasana (peacock pose) is a asana I like to get easier in to. Urdhva dhanurasana is an asana I like to be able to ease in. Hanumanasana is one I hope to accomplish one day. They are part of my Big 5; asanas I’m working on every week. Not only because I think they are ‘cool’ asanas to do, but also because I think my body and my yoga practice will benefit from working on them. So I designed a little sequence to train these asanas every day. A little flow, full of preparation poses to do my big five. And that’s something I love to do: designing tailor made sequences. If you like me to design a yoga serie for you, just let me know.

There are two ways I teach my yoga classes. Either I just freeflow, without anything planned ahead of I teach a ‘topic’ class. At a yoga class I never know who’s showing up and who isn’t. I like to teach classes everyone can benefit from. So that’s why I love to freeflow. Just get a feeling of what people are capable of and give them a tailor made class, designing it while we doing the poses. My head is filled with asanas and for some reason the ones I need come out.

At the same time I love creating sequences. So I set ‘topics’ for certain classes: working at hip openers, working at opening the heart, working at the low and upper back. Most of those classes are half freeflow and half prepared, by just going over the asanas one more time, before I start teaching.

But I create flows as well. I mostly have been doing that for my massage clients. Most of them came in with either back problems, intestine problems or neck problems. I designed little sequences to help them getting rid of their injuries and problems. I made a little movie for reach of them, so they could watch it at home and do their series everyday.

Having some time on my hands now, I like to design more series. I just created my own Big 5 flow. Helping myself getting better in these five asanas. If you have an asana or some asanas you’re struggling with or an asana you will like to get better in, just let me know and let me design your yoga serie. For 50 euro’s I design a nice, fun, tailor made flow (video) for you; helping you getting better at the asana/asanas you’re working at.

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