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Lazy Sundays in India are the best: with a lot of fun on the beach and scooter rides through the fields

Lazy Sunday in India: HIIT, yoga and beach time (video)

A Lazy Sunday is the best. Out here, at Sampoorna Yoga in India, I teach 6 days a week. Leaving only Sunday as a full day off. Although: Sunday’s I do prepare the classes I teach on Monday, but still…. it’s a day off.

The best days off are days where we get a scooter and our around. I love riding through the fields, watching the buffaloes and cows. Going for a chocolate cake somewhere and just chill.

HIIT on a lazy Sunday

This lazy Sunday startd with a little HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The stairs to the upstairs shala at Sampoorna (147 steps) are pretty notorious. Students have to go up them twice a day, 5 days a week and one more time on a Saturday morning. So a total of eleven times. I figured if I can run it up 11 times in a row, they are not allowed to complain about them.

After that I had a nice cooling down in Sara’s drop-inn yoga class and then it was time to hit the road: breakfast, beach and more beach.


You’ll find more vlogs on my YouTube channel.

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