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John Kraijenbrink performing Koundinyasana I and II from Downward Facing Dog; video tutorial

How to do Koundinyasana from Downward Facing Dog (video)

Koundinyasana is a fun arm balance to include in your warming-up. You probably want to do some wrist warm-ups first and maybe you want to throw in a pigeon and a twist while waking up your body for yoga, but after that: you’re set to go and to try out Koundinyasana.


In this sequence you will approch them from Downward facing dog. For me that’s actually the easiest entry and it’s also a great way to incorparate Koundinyasana in your warming-up. It will make your heart beat faster, warm up your arm and chest muscles, strenghten your hamstrings and help you to get better at balancing. In this warming-up we will do Koundinyasana I and II.

Enjoy! Be safe.

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