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Yoga for Big Kids: at Sampoorna Yoga in India

Kids yoga: the little kid that wanted to be an animal

I love making yoga sequences and I love using themes in my sequences. I find my inspiration in everything. This Kids Yoga sequence is based on a story I read in the Max Havelaar, an old, Dutch novel. My version is about little kid, that think it’s way cooler to be something else then he truly is (video), but he is about to discover something really big.

One morning the little kid is playing in the grass. The sun is out, the flowers are blossoming, but there is nobody to play with and the little kid gets bored. Suddenly he hears a hard buzzing sound. When he looks around, he sees a big humming bee. The kid tries to make the same noise, but he can’t. Jealously he looks at the humming bee and says to himself: “I wish I was a humming bee.”

His wish is granted and the kid becomes a humming bee. Loud buzzing he flies around, over the grass, over the canal behind it. When he looks in the water, he sees a school of fish: swimming together. The kid sighs: “I can buzz, but I’m still alone. It will be way cooler to be a fish.”

His wish is granted again and he turns into a flapping fish. Now he can swim in the water; together with all the other fishes. After swimming around for a bit, he sees a frog. He starts chasing the frog, but the frog swims to the surface and jumps out of the water. The kid tries to follow it, but as soon as he is above the water, he can’t breath anymore. Miserably he says to himself: “It’s way cooler to be a frog than a fish.” Again his wish comes true.

A big heron

As a frog he hops over the land. Smiling that he can be in and out of the water. But there is something more smiling; a big heron. And that heron starts to chase him. He jumps as fast as he can, but the heron comes closer and closer. The kid gets scared, looks at the heron and thinks: “It’s cooler to be a heron than a frog. It’s cooler to eat than to be eaten.” And so he becomes a heron.

As cool dude heron he stands beside the water, looking for yummy frogs to eat. Suddenly he hears a big MOOEEEEEE behind him. When he dares to look around he sees a big cow face. “Wow”, thinks the little kid. “It’s cooler to be a cow than a heron.” Lunch time slowly comes and the little kid starts to be hungry. He looks around what the other cows eat. To him the grass doesn’t look that tasty, but if they eat it… The kid takes a few bites. “Yak, that’s awful.” Disgusted he spits the grass out again. With a hungry belly he walks through the field. Grass, grass and more grass. Happy cows everywhere, but he isn’t. When he looks up, he sees a big tree. In the tree hangs a nice, juicy, red apple. The kid walks to the tree. Tries to climb it, but as a cow he is not very successful.

Cooler to be a cat

Angry and hungry he lays down. A few meters away he little cat is running behind a butterfly. “If I don’t eat, you don’t eat”, thinks the little kid and he gets up and runs after the cat. The cat sprints away and runs up in the tree. “What!”, thinks the little kid. “You can climb. It’s so much cooler to be a cat.” And he turns into a cat.

Now he can get his apple. The only thing he has to do is walk over the branches and pick it. But as soon as he steps on the little branch the wind picks up and starts to shake his tree. It’s swaying from the left to the right. “Help”, yells the little kid. “I don’t want to be a cat. I will fall down. I want to be a tree.” And so he becomes a tree.

As tree he stands tall in the wind. Mighty even. But… but… a big man with a big ax walks over and start to chop at him. Taking him down in pieces. In fire logs. As fire wood he’s put in a barn, in the dark. Laying in the dark he can’t see a thing. A little firefly comes by. Shining in the darkness. “Wow”, thinks the kid. “It would be so cool to be a firefly.” And his wish is granted.

Hungry dog

Now he has light and he can see. But… does he want to see. Because in the back of the barn there is a big pigeon cooing. As soon as the pigeon sees the firefly he starts chasing it. “O no!”, yells the kid. “I’m food again. I don’t want to be a firefly, I want to be a pigeon.” His wish is granted and as pigeon he sits down on his nest to have a rest of all this chasing around. But it’s not over yet. Because as soon as he sits down a big, hungry dog jumps on him. Chases him. The kid flies away. “Not again”, he thinks. “Please let me be a dog, so I won’t be chased anymore.” And he becomes a dog.

Finally he can rest. He’s a cool dog now. And who will chase a dog? Happily he lays his head down. Time for a sleep. Ten, maybe eleven minutes he sleeps quietly. Then something is irritating him. Jumping around his nose. On his nose! He opens one eyelid. Two. The little locust is still on his nose. He barks. Snaps his teethe at it. No effect. The locust just jumps around. He tries as well. Unsuccessful.. He sighs. “Locusts are cooler than dogs. They can jump and probably sleep without being disturbed.” He wished he was a locust.

Fat camel

And so he is. Happily he jumps around, finds his way out of the barn and jumps into the field, where…. a big cobra is laying. Curled up. When the cobra sees the locust the cobra strikes and catches the locust. “Help”, screams the kid. “Let me be a cobra. I don’t want to be a locust.” His wish immediately comes true, but before he even can smile and be happy a big, fat camel steps on his head. “Au!”, he screams. “No, no, I don’t want to be a cobra, I want to be a camel. I want to step on people, not being stepped on.” Again the kids get what he wants.

As camel he enjoys being big and strong. Because he is, one day two men come and get him out of his paddock and take him to the Sahara for a big crossing. Day in day out he walks in the hut sun, carrying one of the two men. “One hour of shade, that’s all I want”, he moans. “But there are no trees, no buildings. No shade anywhere.” When he lets his head hang down, he sees a rabbit looking at him. Sticking his tongue out at him. He wants to do the same, but his tongue is to dry. His lips are stuck together. He closes his eyes for a second. When he opens them, the rabbit is gone. He looks around. Where can it be? Then he spots a whole in the ground. Two rabbit ears are sticking out of it. “Of course. There is shade. Under the ground.” He wished he was a rabbit, so he could go under as well. And so he becomes a rabbit.

The rabbit hole is nice and cool. A great escape from the sun. He looks around. There is a little rabbit bed where he can lay down on, but there is no water and he is still thirsty. He digs a little deeper. Still no water. There is no other option than going outside again. When he stick his head out of his hole, the sun burns down on him again. Is he truly going to look for water in this heat. Isn’t there an easier way. When he stands there, a shade falls over him. Disappears again. Falls over him and disappears. “How can there be shade and why does it disappear?”, he questions himself. He looks up. There is his answer: a crow. Suddenly he gets an idea. If he can become a crow, he can fly and when he is high up in the sky, it is way easier to spot water.

King of the birds

Flying high in the sky he isn’t the only one. An eagle has probably decided that this airspace is his and starts to chase him. Does he always have to be chased around? So even a crow is not cool. He is better of as an eagle. Again he gets his way. Becoming the king of the birds. Now the sky is his.

After circling around for a bit it’s time for a rest. Slowly he descents down to the earth and finds a nice bush to sit on. The bush he has picked is not his best choice of the day, because as soon as he sits, a tiger jumps up and almost catches him. It hits his wing. He flies away, but with his injured wing he can’t get any height and the tiger comes closer and closer. Jumps after him. Hits his tail. “I wish the rolls where turned around”, he puffs.

Within a second they are. Now he’s chasing the eagle. He grins. Being on this side it’s actually a nice game. He will show that eagle. He will bite it in the tail. He runs as hard as he can. Almost, maybe three meter more and he can jump it. Two, one…. Just as he wants to jump his hairs rise. His heart beats deep inside him. Water! He stands still. Like a statue. He wants to, but can’t move. Water! Tigers don’t like water. The eagle flew over it. But a tiger can’t fly. Angry he walks forward and back on the shore. How to cross it. Then he sees his answer. A rowing boat. If only he was a rowing boat, he could get to the other shore. So he becomes a boat.

“Ha, that’s easy. One shore, to the other. And back again. And again. Boats are cool.” But are they. After a few crossings he is starting to get bored.”It was actually cooler to be an animal. Or was it?” He thinks deeply. How may times was he chased? If he wants to be an animal again, he should make a good choice. Ha, he knows. He wants to be a lion. Lions are the king of the jungle. No other animal will dare to chase a lion.

As coolest animal of them all he walks around. Proudly. Suddenly all other animals around him start to run. He looks around. Hears strange screaming. Humans are running behind the animals. Armed with bows and arrows. One takes an arrow. Shoots. The arrow drills his way in his bum. He screams. “I want to be a bow and arrow. Not a lion.”

Bow and arrow

As bow and arrow he hangs on the back of a hunter. “Being in charge would be cooler”, he thinks and he becomes the archer. Now he is in control. And not only in control he is a good archer as well. So good the king hires him as a warrior. First he is proud. Warriors are cool. He’s cool. But then he has to fight. He has to kill. Why he doesn’t know. Just because the king wants more land. Wants other people to think the way the king thinks. He has to drew his sword as a warrior (I), has to put it on peoples throat as a warrior(II). But he doesn’t want to fight. If this is what a warrior does, he doesn’t want to be one. Suddenly he feels very humble.

What he wants, what he truly wants, is being a kid again. All the time he wanted to be something else, but he only got chased, got almost eaten, got shot. The best time he had, was actually when he was a kid. Playing in the field. And so he becomes a child again.

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