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Dutch Smiling Yogi doing AcroYoga with Savio

Keep on practicing Acro Yoga

End of the year, a good time to finish some ‘old’ stuff. Before I left the Netherlands to go and teach yoga in Nicaragua and the rest of Central America, I made a few videos together with Savio, one of the people I’ve been doing Acro Yoga with back home. We wanted to create some videos to leave ‘behind’, so Savio and all the other Acro Yogi’s we had around at the Blauwe Parel – my former yoga school – could go on practicing.

I didn’t had time before to finish them all. To busy studying Spanish and enjoying travelling around Nicaragua. But now I’m back at La Mariposa to teach yoga here and to set up yoga retreats here, I have some time on my hand. I’ve already done one trainings movie, here is number two. Number three will follow soon. Just keep on following this blog. And keep on practicing Acro Yoga!

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