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Kirtan Night: just two boys sharing their passion

Just two boys sharing their passion

Pfffff… back in my room. Still buzzing. What a night. Singing mantras all night. With happy, smiling, hugging people, who couldn’t get enough of it. Love, happiness and hugs. A hot, Indian night. Far away from home, but with one of my best friends, who I met long ago. Just two boys sharing their passion. One moment in our lives our paths crossed, we decided to have another moment. A cup of tea at a beer brewery. We talked about magical India. Tonight we were here, together. Surrounded by beautiful people.

It was somewhere at the end of 2010. I was leaving for India in a few days when I met him. I was practicing yoga for more or less two years. My teacher had asked me several times to do a yoga teacher training and I finally agreed. The only thing was: I didn’t want to do it in the Netherlands. I wanted to go to the source of yoga: India. I found a school – Sampoorna yoga – and was leaving within a few days. On my birthday, as I usually do. For some reason I love being in planes when I have my birthday.

Appropriate gift

My sister gave me an early birthday gift. A mindfulness training. Being a yogi she thought that was an appropriate gift. That’s where I met Erwin. He was the mindfulness trainer. When we had the introduction round I told him about my India plans. Afterwards we spoke again. He was interested to got to India as well. He was curious how my trip would turn out and we agreed to meet up after my journey.

We did. We went to one of the most beautiful places in Tilburg: beer brewery De Schaapskooi. We non-drinkers having a cup of tea, talking about travelling and India. We’re friends ever since. I admire his sense of freedom, his love for tantra, for sharing and for choosing his own path in life.

Being back home I opened a yoga school. He picked up a guitar and started singing  mantras. He discovered AcroYoga first, I followed. It made our paths cross more and more and we became friends. During one Acro Yoga workshop Elena walked in our lives. She became first one of my students, then one of my friends and next Erwin’s girlfriend. Now they are here together. She’s studying yoga at Sampoorna to become a teacher, he’s studying Thai yoga massage. And me? I’m teaching at Sampoorna.

Singing talents

When I still had my school, I invited Erwin to come and share his singing talents during one of my meditation classes. It was an instant success and he came by more often. The most memorable performance was with Christmas. On Boxing day we had a yoga workshop and ‘left-over’ dinner for people who had nowhere to go with Christmas. Erwin performed and made it an afternoon I’ll never forget.

Tonight we were together again. At Sampoorna. Two Dutch boys in India, surrounded by a group of amazing students. Erwin playing guitar, singing out loud. Me singing out of tune as always, but happy as hell. I still remember the first time I sang mantras. It was on the biggest, Dutch Yoga festival. I was singing ‘hare krishna, hare rama’ and new for sure that if my mother would have been there, she would have thought I was going mental. But being there, singing together filled every cell in my body with happiness.

Sharing passion

Tonight I had the same feeling. No, not the same. It was stronger. Way stronger. Because I was there, with Elena, with Marion – who I met in Nicaragua when I was teaching at Pure Yoga – and with all this amazing students, sharing their love and energy. And I was with him. Erwin. One of my best friends. Two boys, just sharing their passion.

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