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involuntary shaking in meditation

Involuntary shaking

Lately I’m shaking heavily when I’m meditating. Really heavily. It normally starts out slow, with just a bit of movement in my body, but the longer I sit the more heavy I’m shaking. So heavy it almost makes me fall over. I don’t do anything myself. I just sit still, but my body is involuntary shaking in meditation.

The more I meditate, the heavier the shaking becomes. There is no muscle movement involved. It just happens. To get more insight in it, I decided to consult my former yoga philosophy teachers and do some research on the internet.

Reasons for involuntary shaking in meditation:

  1. Release of tension: when you are relaxing deeply, because you are meditating your muscles start to relax as well. Unconsciously you have tensed some of your muscles so often they stay in this tense situation. Now you are relaxing your muscles finally totally relax and react on this through small movements, like a bit of shaking and trembling.
  2. Energy blocks that are being ‘removed’: On an energetic level you are releasing blocks as well. The stiffness we feel in our body is often caused by old, unresolved emotions that not only are trapped in our mind, but in our body as well. By doing yoga asanas we are looking for this stiffness, moving into it and by doing so are unblocking these old emotions. In meditation we do the same; on a conscious and subconscious level. We remove blockages and energy suddenly can flow again. It’s like opening a dam in a river. But the energy not only starts to flow again, which we feel as movement in our body, it also hits other blockages that are still there. Again look at a dam in a river. If there is a dam behind the first one, the water is released, because the first dam is removed, but now it will hit the second one.
  3. Kundalini awakening. Kundalini energy is a strong energy we all have inside of us. Mostly it’s pictured as a sleeping snake, that lays curled up in our lowest chakra. One of the goals of yoga is awakening this energy, so it can move up our spine from our lowest chakra in our pelvis, to our highest chakra at the crown of our head. When we progress in yoga we start to awaken this energy and the ‘snake’ starts to rise up. When we haven’t opened all our chakras, because we still have some emotional blockages, the kundalini energy will rise up, but hit the blockages that are still there. We feel the rising as shaking, but we also shake when the energy rises, but hits a blockage that is still there.

What to do about involuntary shaking in meditation

Nothing. Just let it be, as long as they don’t disturb you. Don’t try to manipulate them and don’t try to ‘make them happen’ when you are meditating and they don’t happen. Energy is finding its own way. A new way. Just let it go. It means you are progressing; you are resolving old blockages. Enjoy the ride.

Sources: Guru Gaurav Malik,,
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