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Fight demons on International day of yoga

It’s the 21st of June today: International day of yoga. On the northern hemisphere it’s also the longest day of the year: the day with the most time between sunrise and sunset. We have the longest light and we have the shortest night; the shortest dark. Light and dark: for me they also symbolise the feelings we have: happy and sad. The days we feel we can conquer the world and the days we have demons in our head. So lets fight demons on this International day of yoga.

We have created our own demons in the past and now they are hunting us. Every time we have thoughts like: I can’t do this, I am not good enough, I am too ugly, I am too fat, this is dangerous, we create emotions (fear, anger) and we create neuro linguistic bridges in our mind. If we come in situations that look like the situations we were in before, these patterns (neuro linguistic bridges) become alive again, creating the same emotions.

Let’s say I fall in love with a girl with red hair. We decide to have an monogamous relationship (let’s do a blog about that soon: interesting subject). The girl cheats on me and I am angry and sad. Now I create a neuro linguistic bridge in my mind. Five years later I meet another girl with red hair. I fall in love again. She likes me, so we start dating. But for ‘some reason’ I can’t give myself fully to her. I keep having doubts if she is not going to cheat on me. Simple, because the neuro linguistic bridge I have created in my mind is telling me not to trust this girl.

But this second girl is not the first girl. So the neuro linguistic bridge is actually holding me back from fully enjoying this new relation, this new love I have found. And so are all the neuro linguistic bridges we have created in our mind holding us back from fully enjoying life. They are all restricting us: fear of heights, insecurity, fear of flying, anger at people who have hurt us in our past (but who are not around us anymore) etcetera. They are all old demons.

We can fight these demons by doing yoga; by stepping on our yoga mat every day. By doing asanas we fight the demons that are stored in our subconscious mind. We fight them and release them. Some are so strong we bring them back from our subconscious into our conscious. Suddenly we feel sad or angry after a yoga practice. That is a good sign. It means we are close to the solution. If we keep on practising, we can release these demons as well, demolish those neuro linguistic bridges and live without fear.

Another way to demolish them is meditating. We can focus our meditation on our old fears, on our demons. Not by thinking about them, but by questioning ourselves what has created them. After that we only have to be silent and see if the answer will come up, from deep inside us. If that happens we can shine new light on these old emotions and this new light will evaporate them.

The only thing we have to do, to live lighter (the enlightement the yogis are aiming for) is to step on our yoga mat every day and do our yoga asanas, our pranayama (breathing exercises) and to meditate. Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, a great yogi, already said: ‘Do your practice and all will come’.

Today  we will all be doing yoga asanas, but let’s take some time as well for meditation to fight our demons on International day of yoga; so we can free ourselves of our past and live enlightened, happy and blissful.

I wish you a beautiful International day of yoga.

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