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Indio Maiz Nicaragua

Indio Maiz Nicaragua

Granada, Leon, Masaya; nice cities full of birds and insects, but being in Central America I want to see wildlife as well. Where to go, is a big question in Nicaragua. The few tourist offices and companies that are in the country don’t seem to know themselves. Websites are few and whenever we try to write to a travel agency to inform we either don’t get answer or in some cases answering our email takes that long that we are back from our trip, before we finally have it. Nicaragua and internet: they still don’t go together.

After researching a long time, even considering going to Costa Rica, Mark, Marieke and I finally decide: it’s going to be Indio Maiz, reserva Biologica and – as far as we understand – packed with wildlife. Getting there is a journey on it’s own: sitting in a bus from Managua for about eight hours. And we’re the lucky ones: the road has been fixed a few years ago, because it use to be about fourteen hours: walking up hill yourself, because the bus can’t get up some hills when it’s loaded with passengers.

Our trip starts with a nice visit to San Carlos, the getaway to the Rio San Juan. After a nice evening with to much pizza we board a boat to Boca de Sabalos on the edge of the jungle, where we do an amazing kayak trip full of wildlife, stay at another smelly hospedia, eat a terrific meal and head out the next day by canoe on the San Juan, passing by and visiting La Fortaleza de El Castillo and finally reaching Indio Maiz; the suppose to be highlight of our trip. There is just one little ‘but’. It rains. To be precise: it pours down and wildlife doesn’t like rain, just as us. So no matter how many miles we canoe, how many miles we walk: no wildlife. Although: we see one wild chicken. But he, it ain’t rain forest for nothing.

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