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I’m totally broke due to Indian demonetisation

Totally broke due to Indian demonetisation – Life of a Traveling Yogi (video)

Thanks to the Indian demonetisation I’m totally broke. I have precisely zero rupees left. I can’t pay for food, I can’t pay for groceries. I even can’t pay for a lime soda.

The idea behind the demonitisation is to get the black money out of the Indian economy. I’m all for that, but at this moment it has taken all the money out of the economy. Notes of 500 and 1000 are declared invalid. New notes are not available yet. Instead ATMs are giving out notes of 100 rupees. But you can take out only 2500 rupees at a time. That is around 35 euros. And that is: if you are willing and have time to stand in line for hours and hours. If you are, you have to be lucky the ATM is not empty before it’s your turn.

No time

In my case: I’m always teaching when the ATM is being reloaded. By the time I finish my work at Sampoorna Yoga the ATM is empty again. I simply can’t get my hands on some money. How I solve it? Watch this vlog and you will know!



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