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in love with the ocean

In love with the ocean

Water is dripping out of my hair (well, the few hairs I have), salt is stinging in my nose and sand is crunching between my toes. I’m back out of the water again. It’s my daily, cleansing bath. I’m so in love with the ocean; it’s indescribable. It’s something I always wanted in my life: living close to the ocean; to a warm ocean and I’m living that life now. For a few months.

I can’t say I’m having a sabbatical, because I have a kind of permanent one and at the same time I’m not. Can you still follow me? I have a sabbatical, because I do what I want at this moment. I’m working on all those things that have been on my bucket list for a long time. Living by the ocean is one of them. At the same time: I am working here in India at Sampoorna Yoga. Working hard. So hard I had not a lot of time to blog lately. I went to school to teach Anatomy and Teaching Skills early in the morning and would walk out often late in the evening. Back in my room I would prepare the classes for the next day. However: I did try to dive in the ocean every day. Even when it was only for a few minutes. For some reason it feels so healing.

I’m not a very stressful person, but I am somebody with a big monkey mind. I have to meditate, otherwise my brain is working full speed: coming up with one creative idea after another. The best way to stop it is, is diving into waves: go body surfing. Maybe that’s why I’m so in love with the ocean. If I’m playing out there, catching waves, surfing on my belly I’m truly, truly within the moment. Forgetting about everything. And when shit happens, the ocean seems to wash it away for me.

This time the ocean was the place where I celebrated Christmas as well. Alex and I were supposed to pick the restaurant, where we were going for Christmas dinner with Kate, Leyla and Miina. We made other plans: ordered some curries at Fatima’s, pasta at BonBon’s, bought some wine and served the girls candlelight dinner on the beach. One hour before midnight a lot of students came out to join Alex and me for a full moon bodysurf session on the warm waves of the Indian ocean.

Good yoga teacher

Teaching on the last yoga Teacher Training Course was amazing. I had so much fun teaching students how to create sequences, how to be a good yoga teacher and helping them to understand the human body form anatomical point of view. I also felt very privileged to teach everything together with Alex Brown. Teaching side by side always gives me the feeling as two boys just living their dream: teaching and doing yoga in India, racing around on a scooter, preparing classes together and riding waves.

The beauty of it was; we have the same attitude. That’s why we made so many hours. We can’t do anything half. Lots of people have said to my if I put in half of the energy I’m putting in now, classes would still be great. But I can’t. It’s all or nothing. That’s the reason why I spent so much time on rewriting parts of our manual. Simply because I wanted to teach the students all I know. Helping them on their path as a yoga teacher; as much as I can.

Creative teacher

Now that TTC is done, I’m back teaching on the 300 hours. Teaching people who are already yoga teacher and have a strong self practice. I feel honored I’m allowed to do that. Especially because I’m teaching alongside Rachel Berryman and Nadine Sharkey: two very knowledgeable and creative teachers. You know when you have that feeling: ‘I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy’. It’s what I have now. But I cherish every minute of it: learning as much as I can. From them and from the students I’m teaching; trying to brush up their knowledge, helping them to perfect their teaching skills, anatomical knowledge and alignment and adjustment knowledge. And at the same time: having fun again, because teaching with them really feels as teaching as a team. Teaching with friends. Sharing knowledge, working together, using each other’s strong points to give the best we have.

And in between? I’ll be in the ocean again. Riding waves on my belly.

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