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Little beach meditation before the Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica

I love teaching at yoga retreats

Long days, hard work (photography, video, kitchen hand, medical first aid, massage therapist and yoga teacher in one), but man I love teaching at yoga retreats. The connection you get, the depth you get, the conversations about yoga and food you get and the progress you can book; it’s just unbelievable.

This week I’m teaching at Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast, at the first Yoga Retreat Petra Tomuta – a Canadian based yoga teacher – is giving. Being here is a privilege on its own. Not only meeting up with Petra again – after two years – but also the place itself. A beautiful villa, with a big open kitchen/dining room we’ve transferred into a yoga shala, a little bubble bad next to it, a nice grass patch in front to do Acro Yoga, a bubble bad next to it and a private beach in front. I don’t know a more fairy-tale place to do yoga.

But what I love most, is de classes we do. Teaching at yoga schools is always nice and you can always ‘give a bit extra’; some extra background, some extra knowledge, a focus on asanas, intestines, certain muscles, but if you want or not; time is limited. Workshops are a great way to ‘give even more extra’s’. To focus on certain poses you don’t do that often in class, like arm-balances, or to deepen poses, like backbends. Taking your time to really, really go in depth about asanas, philosophy, pranayama. But time is even in workshops limited. . Preparing them, there is always so much to tell, so much to explain, so much to discuss, so much to do. Every preparation is making choices: what to involve, what to leave out.

Teaching at retreats is such a big relief: there is time enough: time to go in depth, time to work on poses, on philosophy. And off course, every class is limited in time, every day is limited in time, but there is always a next day and a next and a next. What is not happening today, is the start of tomorrow.

Having time has got another great benefit: during a retreat of a week, you can really see people ‘grow’.  What they don’t dare to do at the beginning of the week, they dare at the end. What is an impossible, dreadful pose at the start, is their favourite pose at the end. And the ‘burden’ they carry with them coming in to a retreat, disappears during and they go home as a ‘new born person’. Full of joy and happiness.

PS: If you want to try a yoga retreat (of a week) yourselves: I'm hosting 3 retreats in Nicaragua: in April, May and June. Low budget retreats, so you have an 'easy' way to get to know them. For US 475 dollars you get 2 yoga classes (incl. meditation and pranayama) a day, 3 meals a day and your bed in a dorm. We also will be doing three workshops (partner yoga, arm balances and Thai Yoga Massage) and do two day trips to the beach. Just take a look at the retreat-page on my website for all info.
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