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I love Holland

It’s good to be back; to be in my own country again. I have some friends who have travelled the last few months as well and hate it to be back, I have to say: I love Holland.

Okay, maybe it’s easy to say, because I know I am leaving again. It makes coming home easier. I am not here to stay, it’s just a stopover. But I do mean it. It’s good to be back. I love Holland. Here is my top 5 why:

  1. Walking in the dark: Last night I went out for a bite with Fred. I hadn’t seen him for almost nine months, because of my trip through Central America. We spent hours talking and eating (some Mexican food to accompany his and my memories). By the time I went home, it was past eleven p.m. I jumped on my bike and pedaled home; not worrying about anything. It was a beautiful night and I passed sixteen, seventeen year old kids, riding on their bike as well, people going for a late night stroll. In the Netherlands it’s a normal thing. In most cities you can walk home in the middle of the night. In most places in Central America I was warned not to go out (alone) in the dark. To dangerous. Holland is safe.
  2. Holland ‘has it all’. Teaching and working at PURE yoga, health and adventure in Granada/Nicaragua I drank the best Kombucha I ever tasted. PURE made it and seeing that I got so enthusiastic I want to brew my own. To make it, I need something called a Scoby. (Don’t worry I’ll explain as soon as my first brew is ready.). I went online and ordered two. Two days later I made my first Kombucha.
    I am eating glutenfree. Getting glutenfree products is no problem. I use supplements (vitamins, minerals). I just go online and order some. Within a day I’ve got them. I love dates. I make chocolate pies with them, eat them as a snack, use them for energy bars. We have Turkeys shops in every suburb, selling really good dates.  Whatever you want: The Netherlands has it and you can get it quick and easy.
  3. I don’t think we have a very good government. We also have ministers who ‘help’ big companies and banks; only to ‘retire’ from politics and – a few months later – start to work for the companies and banks they have ‘helped’. But we are a stable country and the things that are happening are not ‘to crazy’. We are pretty liberate as well and real, real poor people have a way higher standard of living than in Nicaragua, for instance. So there is a lot possible.
    When one of my friends visited Amsterdam; together with her mother she told me her mother like to smoke marihuana. So I took her mum to a coffeeshop and the two of us set down in the park to share a joint. Police agents walked by. Her mum got a bit scarred and then was really happy to find out the police is okay with it. She confessed a bit later she had one of the best moments of her life: smoking a joint and seeing me and her daughter doing AcroYoga.
  4. We are pretty good in complaining in The Netherlands. I spent some time in hostel Oasis in Granada/Nicaragua. One of the best hostels I’ve ever been. It even had a swimming pool. The only people who complained were Dutch people. (It was too hot in the rooms. Duh… it was 38 degrees in Granada). I hate this complaining culture. I think all this complaining people should travel more, because we have a very organised country, where everything works.
    Being home I have to arrange a lot of things, meaning I’m spending a lot of time on the internet. I have always electricity and internet. Yes, we do have power cuts sometimes. They will last half an hour. In Nicaragua we had power cuts of a day. As soon as it started to rain, internet would go down. It’s so nice to be able to work and work on. All basic needs work in the Netherlands and are available.
  5. The last one is the best one of all: I’m close to my friends and family. I am never homesick when I’m travelling. I never feel the urge to go home, but I do like to spent time with my friends from Holland. I have friends all over the world now, but I do like the ones in the Netherlands as well. Being on the road there are certain times or adventures I wish they would be there with me. At this moment I’m spending time with my Dutch friends and with my family again. So I can’t say anything else as: I love Holland.

One Response to I love Holland

  1. Avatar
    Linda Stupers 23 July 2015 at 21:21 #

    Nice blog again about Holland John!

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