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I am free

Yes, I could have been teaching this morning, I could have been doing administration, but instead I dived in the pacific ocean, from the coast of Nicaragua. Just an hour drive from where I ‘live’ now. A drive through beautiful forest, pretty small towns and over dusty roads.

It’s my new life. My new old life, because I have tasted freedom before. I know a lot of people back home who don’t get it; especially my parents, but how do you explain ‘freedom’ to those who never have been free? How to explain travelling to those who never have traveled?

Off course, we live in the West; the rich West. We are all free; but there is a big difference to living in a free world and really, really being free; without a mortgage, a loan for your car and a personal loan hunting you. Without all the ballast of a social life with birthdays you don’t want to go to.
And yes a lot of people go on a holiday, but there is a difference between a holiday and travelling. I’m afraid that’s one only travelers know. When you go on a holiday you want to get there as soon as possible. Travelling is a waste of time, precious time because it means less holiday. When you travel it’s all about the journey, about being on the road. It’s the biggest part of travelling.
Travelling is freedom, when you travel there is no time limit, no fixed plan to stay a certain amount of days/weeks at a place. You just stay up until you don’t like it anymore and then move on. And when you travel there are always big surprises, because you never know who you will run in to, where you will end up like today when I found myself suddenly on a bus bringing me to the pacific ocean to take a dive in the waves.

I still have goals, I still have ambitions, I still have dreams, but they have nothing to do with status, with owning, with having, they all have to do with being. Because that’s the only thing I want: to be. To be free.

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4 Responses to I am free

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    Hennie 3 November 2014 at 18:38 #

    Whoop, right into my heart this blog!

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    Anneke 3 November 2014 at 21:00 #


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    Anonymous 8 November 2014 at 18:06 #

    Sounds amazing 🙂

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    Sabine 9 November 2014 at 22:01 #

    …it’s about listening to your heart.