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Hydrotherapy before asana practice


Started my morning with a cold shower. Not my favorite, but being on the road in Central America I often don’t have a lot of choice. Although, today I did, put I started out on purpose with a cold shower. In yoga having a shower before doing asanas is recommended. In Kundalini yoga it ‘has to be’ a cold one. The Kundalini yogis call it hydrotherapy.

According to the Kundalini yogis the cold water opens your capillaries, increases your circulation, wakes up and strengthens your entire nervous system. As soon as the cold water hits your body all the blood rushes to your organs. It does this to protect your organs and to keep them warm. See it as automatic self-defense mechanism.

As your blood goes to your organs, it flushes your capillary system, giving it a work-out. According to Yogi Bhajan – the big guru behind Kundalini yoga – the cold water not only opens the capillaries, but by doing so it clears toxins at the deepest level of the body: “When the marrow in the blood does not have the faculty to change itself, then it cannot be changed. The only last chance is that you can transplant it. That’s why people who do not take cold showers have arthritis, bone problems, marrow problems and artery problems. Every problem in the body is a result of your capillaries not opening and not getting flushed every day. Your glandular system is the guardian of your whole system.”

If you have time, you should massage your body first with a small amount of almond oil. When wet this oil will be absorbed by the skin. Only then you start your shower. Don’t go under it straight away. Move in and out of the water several times. Start with your hands, feet, arms, legs and slowly built it up. Then get under it totally until the water no longer feels cold.

Starting with hot water and slowly make your way to cold is no option, according to Yogi Bhajan: “That is like eating a lot of junk food and then having a healthy meal. If you really love hot showers, wonderful. Take them at night or another time for bathing your skin and hair. The morning shower is for your circulation and stimulation of your nervous and glandular system.”

I do have to admit: out here, where it’s already 20 degrees outside at five in the morning I can do this hydrotherapy. At home, in winter, when my bathroom is half frozen…… I have to see if I’m up for it.

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