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How to survive airline food?

No it’s not the airline, it’s me. I’m one of those strange people who want to eat healthy and who maintains a strict diet. A lot of people don’t understand why and I don’t bother trying to explain. I just don’t want to eat refined sugar, refines rice (white), artificial colors and all kind of preservatives and other shit that will make you sick and that the food industry is serving us. And yes I love food and I love to eat something yummy, but the good thing is: healthy food is extremely yummy and as soon as you stop with sugar you’re actually starting to taste more, so your food becomes nicer and nicer.

To make things really complicated I don’t eat wheat, don’t eat and drink (cow) dairy and I don’t eat red meat or chicken, eggs and fish that are raised as products. I don’t care how much farmers tell me they love their animals, if you give a chicken 20 by 20 centimeters to move around or if you put thousand salmons in a fish tank on top of each other, I’m not going to eat it.

The wheat has nothing to do with treating animals or crops badly, but all with my intestines. I brought a parasite home as a souvenir after my last trip to India. Now yoga does a lot of good for your health in general and your intestines in specific, but in this case all the good of yoga disguised the devastating work the parasite did, braking down the whole inside of my intestines, making them not able anymore to get the ‘building blocks’ out of my food. As a result I got sick, started braking down my own body and my hormones where way out of balance.
Now normal intestines have already problems handling the incredible amounts of wheat we take in and handling all the dairy (which animals drinks milk when it’s grown up? And which animal drinks the milk of another animal?) and mine just don’t cope with it anymore. No problem when I’m at home. I make my own fresh, amazing food, but what to do while travelling? And then I mean being actually on the road?
Normally when I drive around the country I take a little thermos pot of soup with me, simply because I know there is nowhere to go for a snack or quick lunch. All petrol stations have crappy food. The best thing I can get is a little bag of nuts for an outrages price. (And if there are raisins in it, I can forget it, because there will be preservatives in there as well.)

This time I didn’t had to go from one side of the country to the other: I had to go from the Netherlands to Nicaragua; a journey of 27 hours. Four hours by car to begin with, waiting on the airport, flying, waiting, flying, waiting, flying and again an hour by car. To help me out Erwin stacked me up with four energy bars. They did the trick for the first hours, but where not sufficient. And more wouldn’t have helped, because after a while they ‘don’t go down’ anymore. So I had to give in and ate the airplane and airport food.

Frankfurt was pretty okay. I could at least get a juice: 20 milliliters for almost four euro’s. In the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica there wasn’t anything. I booked a vegetarian mail with Condor Airways. They served my pasta (wheat) with tomato sauce (extra price 15 euro’s). I think they just left the meat out. I had to book online and there were no other meal options. Breakfast consisted of bread and cheese. Flight number two: more bread (white again). Flight number three was with another company I can’t remember the name off. They served me a sandwich with cheese and ham. There was no vegetarian option. If I wanted the vegetarian option I could just take the ham of the sandwich, the stewardess told me.

I haven’t found a solution to deal with this next time. Off course I can take my pot of soup with me, take tons of food with me to last me for more than a day or just do a day of fasting, but being on the road I can actually do with some food. At the same time I can’t have too many kilos with me, are not allowed to bring liquid on board of a plane and can only have extra bags against extra cost. So what to do? If you have a solution, just let me know.


2 Responses to How to survive airline food?

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    Astrid 2 November 2014 at 19:18 #

    Een herkenbaar probleem, alhoewel bij mij de beperkingen minder zijn dan bij jou. Nu moet ik zeggen dat mijn ervaringen bij de vliegtuigmaatschappijen KLM en Singapore Airlines eigenlijk wel redelijk waren. Bij KLM kun je bijvoorbeeld kiezen uit lacto-ovo-vegetarische maaltijden, Aziatisch vegetarische maaltijden,
    veganistische maaltijden. Natuurlijk niet zo lekker en fantastisch als je gewend bent, maar ik had na het eten van de producten die mij voorgeschoteld werden nergens last van. Dan ben ik al heel erg blij!

  2. Avatar
    lois 2 November 2014 at 20:02 #

    Misschien heb je iets aan dit artikel 🙂
    En mischien zou je kunnen vragen om een ‘plain’ salad. Maar je thuis n bakje met lekkere dingen om je salade mee te op te vrolijken. Succes! ^^