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water kefir

How to make water kefir

I started a new, little project. Brewing my own water kefir. If you have never heard of it. Water kefir – there is a milk variation as well – is a fizzy drink with probiotics. With a bit of fantasy water kefir tastes like prosecco. If you want to make it as well, check out the simple recipe.

I like probiotics. They keep my stomach smiling. Working around the world – at this moment at Sampoorna Yoga in India – I don’t always eat as healthy and hygienic as I like. So a little bit of help to fight parasites, the bad bacteria and viruses is always welcome.

Probiotics are good bacteria and good yeasts. Our body is filled with bacteria. Especially our intestines. Probiotics live there and maintain a balance by fighting of the ‘bad guys’. If we eat – for example – Greek yogurt we will eat also these probiotics.

To get some extra in, I like to make Kombucha (fermented tea) and now I added making kefir too it. Preparing water kefir goes quicker, but you need to look after it during the ‘brewing’ process a bit more than you have to with Kombucha.

Ingredients water kefir

  • kefir grains
  • water
  • sugar (preferable organic cane sugar)
  • dates and or figs
  • lime

Preparing water kefir

  • fill a bottle with water 1 liter of water
  • add 80-90 grams of kefir grains
  • add 80 grams of sugar
  • add 2 or 3 figs, dates or a combination (you can add more fruit and less sugar if you like)
  • add half or a whole lime; without the peel
  • put the lid on the bottle and shake until the most of the sugar is dissolved
  • put the bottle into indirect sunlight. The kefir shouldn’t get too hot
  • shake the bottle lightly the next day and the day after
  • your kefir should now be ready. The longer it stands, the more sour it becomes.
  • pour the kefir through a plastic strainer (no metal) over in another bottle
  • squeeze the lime in the bottle with kefir
  • wash he kefir grains and re-use them for a new batch
  • you are now ready to drink your first, own kefir


You can buy kefir grains online. I got mine of Miina, one of the yoga teachers at Sampoorna Yoga. Every time you make kefir, the amount of kefir grains doubles, so you can give some grains away as well. 

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