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how to do bakasana crow pose

How to do Bakasana and Kakasana- crane / crow pose (video tutorial)

A question I got  a lot lately is how to do Bakasana. This tutorial will guide you through this basic arm balance step-by-step.

Bakasana – Crane pose and Kakasana – Crow pose are two of the most practiced arm balances in yoga. They form the foundation for all other arm balances. Bakasana and Kakasana look alike. Bakasana is often revered to as Crow pose, but is actually Crane posture. In this pose your arms are straight. Kakasana is Crow pose. In this posture the arms are bend.


Before you start, make sure you warm-up your wrists, core and iliopsoas muscle. You need the flexibility in your wrists, your core to hold the pose and your iliopsoas muscle to bring your knee close to your chest.

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