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homecoming stress

Homecoming stress: a quick visit to the Netherlands (video)

Going ‘home’ is always great. In this case you have to read ‘home’ as the Netherlands. At the same time it leads to homecoming stress. In this vlog I’ll tell you all about it.


Don’t worry; I’m still relaxed. But homecoming stress is something a lot of expats, long term travelers and emigrants deal with. It’s beautiful to return to your country, but knowing a lot of people and often not just stopping by for a holiday, but for other reasons as well, can make it a little stressful.

If you mist my last posts: I’m a digital nomad, who is looking for a home base in Spain. At this moment I’m kind of full-time traveling. So the Netherlands is just a stopover.

A special stopover, because I use it as a place to shop as well. That’s why this vlog includes my first mail time.


PS: You’ll find all episodes about our move to Spain on our YouTube channel.

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