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Helping kids to play soccer; fundraising project

Helping kids to play soccer

Sand is blowing up, sticking in my eyes, my throat hurts of the toxic fumes of the Masaya volcano in front of me, the sun is burning my skin. Roasting me. Sweat pores down my back and I’m not even doing anything. I’m just holding a camera, shooting a video for a project: helping kids to play soccer (click for video).

Out their, on the field in front of me, the kids don’t seem to notice the heat, the dust, the wind or the fumes. They are obsessed by the ball, chasing it, totally focussed on the game they play. Having a real ball, they finally can play soccer. They finally have something to do, can have fun.

Here in Panama, a community of San Juan de la Concepcion (Nicaragua), there isn’t a lot to do. There are no recreational centers, no sport clubs, nothing. Poverty is widespread in this community. Many kids spend their days working alongside their parents, often helping them haul fresh water from the closest well, a 5 kilometer walk away. 

The community is located directly below the toxic fumes of Volcano Masaya. These fumes have a damaging impact on the health of community members and makes growing most crops nearly impossible. So what they can grow, they cherish. Poorer people have no choice but to live here.

To help them La Mariposa Spanish School and Eco-hotel is setting up a Soccer League, so they can come together on a Sunday morning, play, laugh and connect. While the interest among kids is clear, Mariposa has a lack of resources to really help this kids. Most of them play barefoot, not having a decent per of shoes or soccer boots. Who belongs to who is something they have to keep in minds, simple because they don’t have uniforms. And the soccer ball is something to cherish as well, having only one.

We would like to provide these kids with shirts, boots, balls. That’s why we have set up a Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign. If you want to help these kids too, please donate some money to our campaign. You can do that straight on our campaign website.  

Every child deserves the opportunity to play. By contributing to this project, you will give these kids in Panama the chance to do just that. If you can’t make a donation, please spread the word about our campaign, pass it on to a friend, or share it online.

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