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Healthy, yummy ice cream; just fruit

Ice cream; healthy, yummy and pure fruit, pure nature

Ready for some healthy and yummy ice cream? Try out this recipe and you’ll never want something else anymore.

I love ice cream, I just don’t love artificial coloring and artificial tasting. And sadly enough that’s what is in most ice creams you can buy. I’ve thought about buying an ice maker myself, but then I just have another machine and I prefer to have as less as possible.

A few weeks ago, when I was visiting my friend Ingrid in Den Bosch (the Netherlands) I saw this little ice cream shapes in her house. No machines, no big thinks just a few little shapes to make your own ice lollies. So I went out to get some as well. Yes; it’s another thing, but it doesn’t weigh anything and I picked it up for 1 euro.

I’ve been playing around with it a few times now. Man: you can really make healthy and yummy ice cream. Although; ice cream; my versions don’t have cream in them. But I guess you can mix it in. What I’m eating is pure fruit.

A lot of super markets sell frozen fruits. Cheap, but without any preservatives. They perfectly do for these ice lollies. I started out with mixed fruits (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries), but the best one so far is grapefruit ice. Just peeling the grapefruit, taking out the pits and putting it in the blender and the thick juice into the ice lolly shapes.

Ingredients yummy ice cream

  • your favorite fruit, a bit of water; that’s all

How to make your own ice cream

  • Mix your favorite fruit in a blender. Add a little bit of water so you can blend everything into a very thick smoothie
  • Pour the smoothie in the ice lolly shapes
  • Put in the freezer overnight (or at least till frozen if you can’t wait)


ice cream and ice lolly shapes

ice cream and ice lolly shapes


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