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Headstand tutorial

How to do headstand in yoga – video tutorial for beginners

Headstand (Sirsasana) is the king of the asanas. This posture has an amazing amount of benefits. It relieves stress, increases focus, increases blood flow to the brain, strengthens shoulders and arms, improves digestion and stimulates lymphatic system. To name just a few. But there is a downside to headstand as well. The pressure on the neck is enormous. That’s why you have to know how to do it safely.

Headstand tutorial

This video tutorial will guide you into Sirsasana step-by-step and will explain what preparations you have to take before doing headstand. This asana is one of the poses ‘you have to be ready for’. You can’t just ‘jump’ into it. You have to prepare your body by building strength in neck and shoulders. That preparation takes time, but the reward is worth it.


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